Sustainable September

Every year the Social Justice Commission resources the church for Sustainable September by preparing worship material for all Uniting Churches in the WA Synod.

Our 2022 theme is Time to Turn Around. This year we are pleased to offer congregations a liturgy outline, sermon reflections, children’s activities and adaptable Powerpoint slides for each week. See below for the download links.

It is ‘Time to Turn Around’ (it is well past time actually, but let’s start from where we are). It is time to turn around in our thinking and our actions. It is time to reset our relationship with the creation and with how we see ourselves as human beings.

Rev Gordon Scantlebury, Social Justice Commission

Please contact us by email or phone 08 9260 9800 if you’re having trouble downloading the resources, or would like to be sent the materials directly.

Sustainable September 2022 Worship Resources

Week 1 – The Challenge and the Cost
Week 2 – Finding That Which is Precious
Week 3 – The Politics of Sustainability
Week 4 – Hoping for the Good | Changing for the Good
Extra Resources

Sustainable September resources from previous years can be found here

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