News and current issues

We support for Frack Free Future campaign calling for a moratorium on fracking in WA..

We have a close involvement in the development of a WA-specific climate change advocacy network calling itself RenewWA. 

Renew WA is the broadest, most diverse collaboration of WA organisations and individuals in history to come together on climate change. This includes unions, churches, farmers, doctors, scientists and environmental groups. We  understand that climate change is happening now and is already affecting the health and well-being of WA communities through extended heat-waves, increased bushfire risk, reduced rainfall and increased frequency of storms. It threatens those most vulnerable within our communities: the young, old and poor, but also our outdoor workers, fire-fighters and other emergency personnel. It places at risk regions with unique biodiversity, impacting on our tourism industry, along with areas of water catchment and food production, affecting farmers and dependent communities.  We acknowledge that Western Australia is highly vulnerable to further climate change. To make a proportionate contribution to preventing more global warming we need urgent effective action from all sectors of our community, businesses and government to rapidly reduce energy consumption and transition to renewable energy sources.

Members of RenewWA recognise that a global transition to renewable energy is underway. Action on climate change provides unprecedented business opportunities in a state with abundant renewable energy resources such as wind, solar and wave. Coupled with a skilled workforce, WA could be a leader in sustainable energy and zero-carbon manufacturing, attracting new investments and providing ongoing meaningful employment.

We also recognise that in moving to a zero-carbon economy, we need a fair transition with government-led support for those sectors of the community previously reliant on fossil fuel industries and those most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change.

Our consensus statement is available here

We engageme and support the national Uniting Church environment network, including involvement in the national online Community of Practice and the progression of the national Micah Community Climate Petition



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