About Us

Approaching environmental issues through a Christian lens offers valuable ethical and spiritual insights for people committed to caring for the environment, both within and outside the church.

This EcoChurches WA website has many resources to assist you in the care of the earth.

The Christian approach is also an approach filled with hope.

So often, environmental issues are dealt with against a background of fear and threat. We should stop doing ‘x’ because otherwise environmental problem ‘y’ will happen. As Christians, the starting point for caring for the Earth is a response to a loving, creating God.

This website is an initiative of the Social Justice Commission of the Uniting Church in Australia Synod of Western Australia . It provides a range of information and resources to Western Australian UCA congregations, church members and others who have made (or are considering making) a conscious decision to lessen their impact on God’s creation.

After all, caring for creation is a key Christian task.