Could you help collect signatures for our climate petition?

Can you help us find the right person who has a passion for the environment in your community?

The Uniting Church in Australia is joining other Christian churches and faith groups in national action on climate change.

This year churches and faith groups all around Australia are joining together under the leadership of Micah Australia to take action on climate change. We know that Australia is one of the wealthiest countries in the world, and yet our commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and make the necessary transition to renewable energy are embarrassingly inadequate. We have heard the voices of our partner churches and those whose livelihoods and homelands are far more vulnerable to the impacts of climate change than ours and know we need to faithfully respond.

We are asking our Government to increase its targets to reduce the devastating impacts of climate change, to join the global energy revolution, and compensate our poorer neighbours financially as they courageously adapt to the changing climate that rich countries like Australia have largely caused.

We are asking all Uniting Church congregations to be part of the biggest faith based community climate petition ever in Australia. This petition asks the Government to protect communities in Australia and elsewhere from the harmful effects of climate change by:

  • committing to deeper and more urgent reductions of our greenhouse emissions;
  • developing a plan to ensure Australia achieves zero net greenhouse emissions well before 2050, and supporting families
    and communities affected by the transition towards renewable energy and more sustainable land use;
  • providing additional assistance to help our poorest neighbours adapt to the harmful impacts of climate change

We need people to help coordinate events in each electorate around the country,  as well as collect signatures and sign the petitions. Is there someone in your congregation who you think would be able to take on the role of collecting signatures? We would love to talk with them and help them get involved. Please ask them to contact us in the Synod Social Justice Unit : 9260 9800 or email


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